Suddenly all davdroid versions not compatible anymore with android 4.2.2

That’s my first message here.
First, I’m using f-droid repo for a long time, and I love it. Thanks for the work.

But today, I’m in trouble with davdroid. An update have been pushed today. I’ve tried to update, but there was an error message, and I couldn’t update. Finally, I decided to uninstall davdroid, and re-install, thinking the error could disappear. But when I want to install, it’s now saying that davdroid is only for android +4.4. But mine is 4.2.2.
So, I thought to install the ulterior version, but it’s not possible, now ALL the versions in the repo requires +4.4 android. Why the old versions are not anymore in the repo? Why? Why there is not any communication in that case? I should have not uninstalled davdroid if i’d known.
I can’t access to my contacts!

Is anybody have some idea how to get back davdroid? I’ve searched for an older version of the apk, but I didn’t find any.
Where can i find an older version of the apk?

I can’t believe f-droid 3 last versions of davdroid are compatible with my device, and in one day none of them are. Why do they do that?

Thanks for reading.


You can find the DAVdroid forums here:

I’m probably not the one to speak in behalf of the developers and I’m not so informed with the project even though I have just started using fully, but I’ve already seen a couple of projects dropping support from Android 4.0 and less. Maybe that is the case here. But again, you might want to leave the question in their forums.

You can try enabling the F-Droid archive in the app settings. That should have all old versions of apps.

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Yeah, thanks a lot @nutomic!!! That’s what I was looking for. I was surprised that archives disapeared definitely. I re-installed an old version, and for now, I’m going to use that one until my device die.
It’s a shame OS version are so quickly obsolete.
Thanks for the answer @sameyepatch. :wink:

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