Struggeling with Fdroid repo setup

Hey guys,
I’ve been following this guide to set up my own personall app-repo, but I’m still struggeling with the demo setup.
My machine is a ubuntu-server, the fdroid folder is located at /usr/share/nginx/www/fdroid, nginx is up and running and I changed the adress in the to this:
repo_url = "http://domainofmyserver/fdroid/repo"
repo_name = "Test"
repo_icon = “fdroid-icon.png"
repo_description = “”“
Nevertheless, if I try to connect to http://domainofmyserver/fdroid/repo via my browser, it states ‘403 - forbidden’, and despite that there are some apps in the repo-folder, the Android-App won’t find anything if I point it to my servers adress.
What am I doing wrong?

No one got an Idea? Am I the only one struggeling with this?

403 often means that the webserver itself isn’t allowed to access a file. Have you checked that the user it’s running as is allowed to read and execute /usr/share/nginx/www/fdroid including any of its parents?
A message from the error log could help, too.