StreetComplete Update from 3.4 to 3.6 fails

I have a Samsung phone with Android 4.2.2 and StreetComplete 3.4
After downloading (via F-Droid-App) the StreetComplete update 3.6 and installing it a message appears that sais:
"Fehler beim Installieren von StreetComplete
Installation wegen unbekanntem Fehler fehlgeschlagen"
which should mean:
"Error while installing StreetComplete
Installation failed due to an unknown Error"
I deleted the general cache and the single app cache. I also cleaned the RAM. After that I tried again. Still the same.
Does anyone has the same problem and or a possible solution?

Thanks in advance

It might be helpful if you can post logs.

Hi nutomic,
thank you for your answer!
I tried with alogcat, but I couldn’t see any result to post.
Just before I wanted to answer here, I saw that version 3.7 has been launched, installed it without any trouble and can use it now without limitations.
Thanks again!!!

Best regards

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