Strange functioning of mull browser updates when the divestos repo is enabled and mull was installed from the official f-droid repo

Today I updated the f-droid repository and I noticed that both fennec and mull versions 93.1.0 are available but the mull version is not listed as suggested and the fennec one is. I’ve also noticed that on the f-droid site the suggested version for mull is 93.1.0, unlike the f-droid app, and I noticed that this happens because I had enabled the divestos repo (even though I installed mull from the official f-droid repo), but by disabling it in the app the version 93.1.0 is suggested again. Is it a bug or is there a particular reason for this strange behavior of the f-droid app?

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From what I’ve seen the F-Droid Repo will take precedence over the DivestOS repo when it comes to the suggested versions.

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I’ll try to explain in detail what happened (and I think it happened to me at least another time with another app and another repo, but I don’t remember which one):

I installed mull from the official f-droid repo several times ago, yesterday I added the divestos repo to f-droid.

Yesterday evening the updated version of mull was available in the divestos repo, but it didn’t show it as suggested and didn’t suggest the update because it wasn’t compatible with the version installed (in the f-droid app I activated the option to see non-compatible apps).

Today the update was available on the official f-droid repo as well, but the suggested version was still the one already installed and until I disabled the divestos repo the situation did not change.

Once I disabled the divestos repo and updated the repos the updated version was correctly reported and it suggested me to upgrade.

I think it may be a bug but I’m wondering if anyone else has ever noticed similar behavior and if it’s reproducible.

With all apps installed from external repos but also present on the official f-droid repo I’ve never had problems but in this case the app was installed from the official repo and not from the external repo.

Now I’ve just updated catima without any problems: I installed catima from the official repo but it is also present on the izzyondroid repo (which I activated) so it should be a similar situation to that of mull, but in this case the update has not presented any problem.

Note that the repo order is important too… first take precedence iirc

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The really strange thing is that the update was present in both repos but the f-droid app did not report it to me because the version already installed was still indicated as the suggested version. Once I disabled the divestos repo the f-droid app correctly reported the update as suggested. And once the mull update was done, and the divestos repo reactivated, the latest version was still shown as suggested.

This isn’t a big deal, and it’s a fairly rare case, but I was curious as to why.

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