Strange Errors in Authpass

Hi guys,

I have a keepass database stored on my nextcloud server. I’m trying to use an f-droid app to access it. Authpass seems to be the only keepass app that works with Webdav but I’m getting some strange errors.

When I first open the app, I get a window that says: “Error while Quick unlocking files. MissingPluginException(No implementation found for method canAuthenticate on channel biometric_storage)”

I can “ok” past that but I get another error after I enter my nextcloud credentials and try to connect:
“Error while authenticating. Error while trying to authenticate fo google drive. Storage Exception{type: StorageExceptionType.unknown, details: Error during request. (405 Method Not Allowed, errorBody: }”

Anyone know what’s going on?

I’m using a Moto G7 Power.

Did you report this upstream to the app developer? Only they can help you…

Not sure which one is at fault though.

Yeah, I created an issue. I’m just using Keepass2Android on Google play until it gets sorted out.