Storage Permission

Hi Guys, I want to download F-Droid but it’s not letting me download it because I need to allow storage permission on my phone and I can’t find anything to switch that permission on.


You need to give storage permission to the browser long press to the browser that you want to download from find it on the apptray and scroll
And give storage permission thanks.

Another solution is to download the APK from your computer and use the wire to store it in the phone.

Hey @GlobalPhoenixRising,

If the other replies haven’t helped you yet, would you mind sharing a screenshot of the exact issue you’re experiencing? Android has changed how downloading and installing APK files worked quite some time so a screenshot would help make sure we can help you as well as possible.

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Also if your phone is rooted and has Xposed/LSPosed etc with any modules like XprivacyLUA or others made to enhance security/privacy, many have options that block apps from accessing the phones storage.

Iv noticed many people overlook those things and were the cause of similar issues including this one. Figured posting this couldn’t hurt either way.

Im sure there may be similar apps that don’t require root(ill even include ADB or Shizuku) but none come to mind thar can successfully block storage as those. Most likely going into its app info or Android Settings and going through the Applications & Permissions menu and allowing storage for that app as said above is most likely the fix.

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