Stitch app privacy policy

The app Stitch (Stitch Screenshots) requires users agree to the privacy policy of the app, which - machine translated from Chinese - appears to require submission of user data, which can be accessed by the government on request.

I don’t see an anti-feature warning and it shows as being available in the main F-Droid repository, at least in v1.1.11 (19/08/22). Haven’t checked the other versions.

Should this be on the main repo/without a warning?

It has no network access, how do you think China will get your information?

Stitch is not actually Free or Open Source (#2894) · Issues · F-Droid / Data · GitLab yup

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Genuine question - do you have any idea why has there been no action taken in 3 months?

Kinda wanted a second opinion… :man_shrugging:

The missing INTERNET access makes it benign, the Github connection is annoying, etc

I don’t have a monkey’s, and I doubt any country cares about my personal screenshots.

I mean, they could just add internet permissions in an update, but it’s neither here nor there. My question was about whether it belongs on F-Droid, not about Chinese foreign intelligence operations.

Well, thanks for the explanation. We’re on the same page.