Steps to Maintain the Security and Integrity of the Applications in F-Droid?

Hello to the community people from Manav Gangwani. Please help with the question - How can I verify the integrity and authenticity of the APKs I download from F-Droid, and what steps should I take if I suspect an APK has been tampered with?
Thank you in advance!

The APK tampered means what?

When tampered, during download? F-Droid Client and Android System checks that before installing.

You can check an apk file by downloading PGP signature from application’s page and verifying the download with gpg. There is a guide on how to check if F-Droid client’s apk is valid, steps for other apks would be same: Verifying downloaded F-Droid.apk | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

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