Stepping back from docs/pages maintenance on the website

In the interest in bus factor and reducing stress in my life, I’m going to stop maintaining the documentation and pages. Others have been contributing there, so I’m hopeful someone else will adopt this work. This means I won’t be tracking merge requests, doing translation syncs, or doing general maintenance. I will submit any changes to the documentation via merge request and leave them for another contributor to merge as they see fit. Ping me in any issue or merge request where you want my feedback.

I think it is now relatively straightforward for contributors to find how to edit or translate the docs, via the “Edit on GitLab” and “Translate on Weblate” links at the bottom right of every page on the website. I updated the docs for the Release Process to hopefully give enough info on how to do the translation sync:

I find it very stressful when I don’t even have the opportunity to comment on changes to things I wrote and/or maintain before they are merged. This has mostly been @bubu self-merging his merge requests, often after waiting only hours, even though it has been the default policy to avoid self-merging for years. This stress comes from feeling responsible for ensuring things remain working, and changes sometimes break things. Many times, I’ve had to clean up such breakage without warning. This is what I need to reduce in my life.


Thank you for maintaining them in the past years! Your work is highly appreciated!


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