Status of location provider on modern Android versions

On modern versions of Android, UnifiedNlp (as a standalone app, NOT part of microG) does not work as it should. The developers of UnifiedNlp attribute this to the fact that the AOSP project made the “Location Providers” mechanism less obvious. However, the UnifiedNlp at the end of the microG implementation works just fine, but requires support from the application itself to use. Let’s understand the perception of OsmAnd. The Google Play version of OsmAnd (or the nightly build) contains a location source selection feature.

When choosing “Google Play Services” and configured microG - OsmAnd instantly determines my location.
The OsmAnd build from F-Droid does not contain this feature.

This causes OsmAnd to be unable to determine my geolocation.
As the OsmAnd community explained to me, it is the authors of the F-Droid repository who choose what to include in the build and what not. From what I understand, there is some work going on right now to develop a replacement for UnifiedNlp. However, while no working solution has been presented, could we not remove this functionality from OsmAnd? This applies not only to OsmAnd - the Organic Maps build from Github also has the ability to work with microG, but the Organic Maps build in F-Droid does not contain such a function either.

This is irrelevant.

Apps can query the network location provider or use the proprietary Play Services library to do so for them.

microG/UnifiedNlp will still provide results to them regardless.

All the map apps work fine (albeit slower to get the location at start) without unifiednlp or microg.

Be it OSMAnd or others.

Try GPS Test yourself…

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