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During my research into the Smarter Wi-Fi Manager I found my way into the Wiki.

While it states on the index that the wiki has been, more or less, retiered, the Anti-Features Page still links to the Wiki with an overview of all Apps with said Anti-Feature.

Furthermore, the “Technical info” link on the apps page also links to the wiki.

My question: Is it still usefull to point people to the wiki, since it no longer sees updates?

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Ideally, all the last remaining stuff in the wiki would be ported elsewhere. For example, the generated packages of Anti-Features and counts should be interested into (e.g.

We’re also talking about setting up a new wiki for general note taking

I have set up as a trial on @izzy’s request but there are no takers yet. @Licaon_Kter @relan @uniqx @Rudloff @mimi89999 do you think you would use this new wiki?

I’m not sure I would use another wiki. I think and MaintainerNotes cover most of the information I use.

I don’t think so.

Definitely. And meanwhile it has some content. It’s much easier to start documenting in a wiki (and have a collaborative review) and transfer it to Docs once it’s “mature” – then starting it in docs and do the fine-tuning in a discussion on a merge request. The “entry barrier” is much lower, too.

Let’s see how it evolves.

I’m thinking it could be a good way to get more people involved, so we should
consider giving edit access (aka Developer status in the fdroid/wiki gitlab
project) to anyone who expresses interest.


I’m all for it. At Github, IIRC, the options are

  • only owner can edit
  • only project members/contributors can edit
  • everyone can edit

(so one wouldn’t even need to give “specific per-user permissions”) – which for a Wiki I find a good idea. For community projects, I find the “open approach” the first thing to try – and “locking down” (to contributor/team-member level) an option if there’s too much vandalism. Between the two there’s always the git repo behind the wiki, so one can roll-back “unwanted changes”.

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