Splitting published app into free and non-free build variants

Hey guys,

Recently I added the Google Cast feature (still a Pull Request) to my already published app. In order to comply with F-Droid guidelines, I had to split the app into two build variants. One without the Google Cast feature and non-free dependencies. And the other with them.

I was wondering if this would require some metadata changes in F-Droid Data repo in order to build the correct (free) variant?

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Yes. change yes to fdroid: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/-/blob/master/metadata/com.github.ashutoshgngwr.noice.yml#L110 when you add the new version manually in the metadata (since you are on autoupdate).

In theory that’s about it…we’ll see once we can build test

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Thank you for responding!

I have to ask

  1. What happens internally when I change yes to fdroid? Right now I am guessing that it will try to build the variant with name fdroid.
  2. For the initial version where build is splitting, I understand that I have to add the version manually. But for later releases, will it be back to auto updates?
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You guessed right on both cases


@Licaon_Kter created an MR. can you please take a look?

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