Split F-Droid Repo

Can Split F-Droid Repo into Many Categories as

  1. Without Internet Apps

Mainly need to Separate Anti Featues like Telegram, Firefox, …ect…

Or Remove Anti Features in Main F-Droid Repo and Add as Separate Repo like Bromite
These apps are not fully FOSS

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There’s a toggle in Setting for “do not show with antifeatures” but it’s kinda broken, yes.

But this does not deserve a “split”.

The problem with AntiFeatures is that on other stores you don’t notified, while here you are, so you can make an informed decision on whether you want it and accept them, or not.

All apps in F-Droid are fully free software, and containing Tracking, Advertising, depending on a NonFreeNet, a NonFreeDep or the other anti-features F-Droid has do not change that. Arguably, NonFreeAsset also doesn’t impact the software itself.

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