Source-built versions of JAR files

I would like to know how to include source-build libraries or include libraries in a proper way.
I read this:

Binary dependencies such as JAR files have to be replaced by source-built versions or used from a trusted repository (see manual). - documentation

  • Where can I find the manual?
  • Can we link to the manual in this location in the documentation?
    • Where is the source code of the docs?


  • Here, I can see how this might be intended:


There is none.

That’s srclibs:

srclibs: [n:]a@r,[n:]b@r1,…

Comma-separated list of source libraries or Android projects. Each item is of the form name@rev where name is the predefined source library name and rev is the revision or tag to use in the respective source control.
(read more in the link below)

These are stored here:

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