Some Weblate components are locked

Hi all,

On F-Droid @ Hosted Weblate, a lot of components can not be translated because there are locked

It seems that there are merging issues at least for several weeks for all languages in Anti-features - I just want to approve a suggestion in french - ; can someone have a look?

@hans what was the status here? I keep forgetting

These need to remain locked until someone finishes the implementation in
fdroidserver and tests importing the translations into fdroiddata:

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@linsui could you handle unlocking F-Droid/Anti-Features @ Hosted Weblate and merging it in fdroiddata? I think it should work now. Then once that proves stable, F-Droid/fdroiddata-config @ Hosted Weblate is next. Categories are currently still maintained in fdroidclient, so that is fine to keep as is until that is all figured out.

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I thought I just need to rebase and solve conflictions?

Anyway I commit translations to fdroiddata and reset the weblate repo. Now it’s up-to-date.

Given finish localization support for config items in config/ dir (#1143) · Issues · F-Droid / fdroidserver · GitLab, I removed fdroiddata-config from Weblate for now. It seems far too likely to break things right now.

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