Some updates give "unknown error"


I have noticed that apps from third party repos (Bromite and Tor Browser) fail to properly update, the app just shows “unknown error”.
I would like to know if there is a known issue with this and if there is a way to easily update from the computer (like adb or something, which I never used so I would favor a detailed explanation :wink: )


Pics? Android version? F-Droid client version? You have enough free storage space?

Sorry, I didn’t give enough information indeed.
First a clarification, when I tap update, the download does occur until 100%, the system then asks me if I wish to install the update and I press install, which in turn gives the process bar growing until the end, but a message appears saying unknown error.
I am running F-Droid 1.15.2, Android 11 (Lineage based 18.1). I have about 400 MBs available which I suppose should be enough to install a browser update (since the APK is about 100 MBs) correct?

The other updates go well, only these 2 apps happen to give me trouble. Incidentally, the ones that are from third-party repos, which made me wonder if that could be the issue.

An APK is a ZIP archive… Say latest Fennec is 75Mb, unpacked to 175Mb that need to be copied to the system and whatnot.

In my experience under 600Mb you won’t be able to install/update but the tiniest apps.

Please have at least 1.2Gb free, then try.

Not an F-Droid issue.

(You can try to clean F-Droid Client CACHE data, if F-Droid itself did not, to gain some space, then retry)

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You were indeed right!
I confirm that after deleting a few files, clearing FDroid’s cache, both updates performed well enough.

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