Some good about:config tips that improve performance of Mozilla browsers

I am talking about Mozilla browsers like IceCat & Fennec as well as Firefox, for Android & Windows.

The only problem I have with this advice is for browser.cache.memory.capacity. It fails to mention that you can use -1 as an option and Mozilla will automatically adjust to available memory.

I don’t see any Android-specific tips. Are you sure this article is helpful for Android?

Or which specific setting is helpful really for FF4Android?

From my experience, the only two things that really improve Firefox performance:

  • disable addons
  • upgrade hardware

Well these tweaks are applicable to both Windows and Linux, so I tried them on my tablet with Icecat and they appeared to make a significant difference.

at least #3 out of the three tweaks listed is only for Windows - .

#1 (the history depth) seems ill-advised, how many kilobytes are you going to save by limiting depth to 4 instead of 50? 44 * average URL string size? With some overhead, ten kilobytes per tab, max?

#2, disabling the cache alltogether, doesn’t look like something you would want to do unless you know what you’re doing and how to turn it back on. The article itself doesn’t even recommend really doing that, instead setting memory limits to some fixed value (and an optimal value will depend on a) device capabilities b) usage patterns - there’s no way to pick a golden value Fdroid-wide. Quite probably Firefox’s builtin heuristics are already pretty good at picking a decent value.

All about:config settings can be reset within the setting options themselves. In the case of an added setting it will be removed. The mozilla documentation was written before android even existed, and linux was only for sys admins. I tried them and found them to be helpful.

the Mozilla documentation says the option is Windows-only. You have not produced anything to back up your claim that trim_on_minimize does anything on Android.

It doesn’t say the option is “Windows only.” It mearly uses Windows as an example, without making mention of other OSes.

I am posting from from Firefox for Android and have used these tweaks.

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