Software for the safe deletion of files?

Some open source software for the safe deletion of files, equal or similar to deleting in Gutmann 35 passes, so that the deleted files are unrecoverable.

Thank you

There is BitKiller: OpenSource and deletes your files with 1, 3, 7 or even 35 Passes.

There is also an app called ‘Eraser’ wich is also quite common used in Linux distributions - in case you’d like a little more ‘activity’ for an app to trust it.

There is also an OS for USB-Boot for deleting files… but i can’t find it anymore.

You can use shred via Termux.

I am not shure if “safe-delete” is technically possible on sd-cards because the sd-card-memory-controller may translate the same logical-file-sector to different physical-file-sectors-on-every-write to increase lifetime of sd-card.

In other words: The number of sd-card-writes per sd-card-filesector is limited until the sector breaks.

So writing “0” to every used previously used filesector may not work as expected and might decrease lifetime of sd-card.

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