SMS Messaging (AOSP)

Was wondering if F-Droid would please upload SMS Messaging (AOSP), the reason i request is - It is lightweight, simple to use and with least permissions…

There are other apps for SMS but have additional features which are not needed at all times or not needed at all, considering VoIP apps are used more.

I checked and it is available on Git hub

Sylvain Galand

Thanking in anticipation

First, you need all Android source code,

>1 year old codebase and this needs to have Android build first? Mmmm…that’s rather unfortunate.

Really QKSMS or Silence can’t be used?


i am not that technical but have understood part of it…

QKSMS and Silence are definitely good apps, however SMS AOSP is lightweight, just 1.4 MB apk file and scope is restricted to purely sending and receiving simple SMS…

It is plus point in terms of internal storage, RAM and simplicity…

the APK is available on few websites, but not keen on downloading from them.
UpToDown -


I have emailed the developer but no response so far

There was a discussion about this on the LinageOS subreddit.

Basically those apps use APIs that are not accessible to normal (user installed) applications. I don’t know of any project/individual that is committed to do the necessary work with every new AOSP (or LOS) release.

Well the app that i am talking about is not the AOSP in particular.

A developer Sylvain Galand made this app from the AOSP and released it on Google Play. This was developed when on Nexus phones SMS AOSP was dropped and Hangouts was enforced. So for the convenience of those who did not like Hangouts this app came to their rescue

It is available on GitHub and if someone could just create the APK and get it on F Droid, I request since I am not that technical to do it…

It is nice app and would come to the rescue who just need a basic SMS app

Read again, as with the AOSP keyboard requested on Gitlab, as with Lawnchair 2, apps that depend on AOSP components need to have AOSP build from scratch just to get a .so library, that’s the whole point of F-Droid, apps build from source.

But building AOSP is a pain… compared to any app out there, given the time and knowledge needed.

It took some time to understand, thats because i am not that technical… But have understood it now.

Also i got a response from the developer and he said on the same lines -

I can’t put it on F-Droid because they don’t support the build system of the app.

Thank you for the time and thank you for keeping F Droid running…

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