SMS into Telegram (app) ; Just wanted to ask if anyone knew anything at all about it before I went ahead and tried it. (¿?) - Also, a big question/concern is that I actually have, love and am keeping!, telegram x. Is it only for the regular one, I’d imagine…?

(Edit to Add!) : I’ve tried downloading the app since writing this. But I think I ran into different issues (w/ different versions.) – The first one seemed fine, downloaded, was able to ‘connect it’ to my sms, etc. Though, after that,… nothing. I’m not sure if I had done anything wrong on my end, but there wasn’t too much u could have done. Lol - And then the secondary version. I tried simply didn’t want to download. Though it didn’t give me any kind of info either. It just didn’t do anything after the first window, asking if I wanted to install. It just disappeared, then nothing.
If anyone could explain anything or if thers anything I could do differently, it’d be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. ⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•

Not sure what that site is, but please do not use unknown sources for something very restricted data like SMS. Please check “all apps” section and uninstall the probable infectious app. You may get hacked too, who knows.
The URL you shared shows error upon check and I do not even know if it is safe.

I think @xjazmyn19x is talking about this: smsQ | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

Not sure why I’d want to receive SMS in Telegram, but mkay.

Seems legit to me.

Anyway: the app has been deprecated by the maintainer.

Yeah, I uninstalled it soon after I couldn’t get it going anyway; was just kind of waiting to hear what anyone had said about it. - And then I actually found/got it from f-droid app store.

What does that mean, exactly? (And sry. Lol I’m pretty new to all of this so. :grimacing::person_facepalming:t3:)

No need to be sorry.

The developer is not going to make any changes to the programm anymore: no new features, no bug-fixes (“bug” in the context of a computer program means “programming error”) and no updates of libraries.

If it works: fine (at least for some time)
But usually you should not use deprecated apps.

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Please use these open source files with very carefully.

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Okay, I understand now! - Yeah just with all said mainly, I don’t think I’d redownload/try it again
Ha it’s no biggie.— Thanks for your help, you guys ! ⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•

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