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Good evening,
I mainly use open source applications but I can’t find one that meets my expectations in instant messaging. I tested QKSMS which I loved but no longer updated for over a year. Signal is good but notifications are hit and miss and it’s a bit annoying. With my family we use Element but it remains in a private circle and anyway we cannot use it as default messaging. Currently, I use the default one in the Lineage 19.1 distribution. thanks for your advices

You just missed the other thread:

I use Briar | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository
and either Conversations | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository
or | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository
mostly tending toward the former.

If you insist on a SMS type messenger that is carried over (nonfree) cellular radio network you could look at Simple SMS Messenger - Manage messages easily | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository
though I have not tried that myself.

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Not exactly, my request is for an app that would replace the default SMS/MMS app. As a group app, I already use Element.

All the SMS apps replace your SMS app, yes… and?

Silence is not developed any more but still works. If your contact has it too you can encrypt the SMS messages between you and them.

Ah well and how do we use Element as the default application without the users having a matrix account? I am looking for an application equivalent to QKSMS but which is always updated, nothing more…

You don’t, it’s not a SMS app…

That’s exactly what I was saying… That’s why I didn’t understand the answer. I’m looking for a sms/mms app but no signal as the notifications are random.

Signal is a siloed messaging app that also has (unencrypted) SMS functionality.

None of the other messaging apps bothered with SMS because everyone should move away from SMS in the first place.

Ok, so what would be the solution? Personally, I don’t want whatsapp, nor telegram and even less messenger. Everyone uses these kinds of apps, switching them to something else is really difficult.

Zealot some more…

Answer SMS by “Hey, I’ve seen this message eventually, but I’ll not answer here, please let’s chat via…”

So you’re specifically looking for a messaging solution that works with something everyone already has like SMS? In that case, I think there’s no option except SMS apps in general. I personally wouldn’t worry much about a SMS app not having updates in a while, the SMS protocol doesn’t change because it has to stay compatible even with pre-smartphones, so a SMS app will just be “fully completed” at some point and not need much maintenance.

Another option would be to look into Delta Chat, which “chats” over email (and everyone has email, right?)

Aside from that, pretty much everything requires people to install the same app, I don’t think you can really avoid that.

For SMS apps, I sadly don’t have any specific recommendation (but I wanted to make this topic become a bit more positive again)

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They are not random. Just disable battery optimization.

Thank you very much, it is difficult to make yourself understood. I think to stay on the default application of lineageos even if it is really basic and very limited for attachments. Thanks for Catima

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It’s already done since the installation but thank you for this advice.

Those are limitations of SMS


If you would consider a longer leap, you could see if any of the efforts meet your needs in your geo-region, and works with an xmpp client for SMS/MMS. Some xmpp clients like monocles, or conversations, or cheogram can handle SMS/MMS, if I understand correctly.

Not really, they handle XMPP and ( ) handles the bridging for calls and SMS/MMS

Not really, …

However you want to complicate the details, Person A can send an SMS/MMS from a “normal” phone and number, and person B receives the SMS/MMS on their abbynormal phone and number in an XMPP client. Or vice versa. To the casual observer… :laughing:

Yes, just wanted to mention that installing the XMPP client does not grant you that SMS superpower. One needs to setup the bridging service thing :slight_smile:

Delta chat is probably the closest thing to what you are looking for – it uses email protocol to send short messages like chat in real time, can communicate with anyone with email, can easily encrypt anything it sends and its quite awesome.

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