SMS apps and contact records

I am having hard time assigning names to numbers I contact through QKSMS, SimpleSMS or Silence. Only bare phone numbers are reflected and “add to contacts” in the texting app is not working. In messanging apps permissions access to contacts is allowed, but it’s not clear to what contacts if I’m using Opencontacts and original contacts app is uninstalled. What is wrong? I assume contact records stored in Opencontacts are isolated which I appreciate. So how to import the recods to the SMS app?

Afaik, there is no direct way to get it done, unless you have a contacts app which is located in priv-app and with proper permissions. The only way you can integrate is via that. I will do a bit of digging if I can find something on this one. Maybe via some app changes to how QKSMS looks up resolved names.

Wow, okay, I suspected something like that. Hopefully you’ll be able to find a way around.

Since you’re using OpenContacts I figured you’d be familiar with the limitations or checked its GitLab. There’s a discussion there about how to best deal with the situation.

SMS app does not show contact names. Should see what could be the solution (#6) · Issues · Sultanahamer / OpenContacts · GitLab

That actually does not help since this is more on the logic of outside inbuilt apps, and privacy wise choosing fuckleapps is defeating the whole purpose.

@waino I will check as soon as I get some time.

Thx. What you mean by fuckleapps?

Think that was an insult for “googleapps”

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Yup. We have various names for them. Foogle, fuckle, and what not. I have had very bad experience of losing money without ever entering my card anywhere, via fooglestore. So…

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