Sky Map integrating Google Firebase Analytics

The exodus report detected Google Firebase analytics εxodus, and even when starting the app, a popup about “Google analytics” is displayed. The tracking seems to be disabled by default, but it is weird to find this in F-Droid, without it even marked with an anti feature. What to other people think?

Run `scan-binary` on a full repo/archive mirror (#1004) · Issues · F-Droid / fdroidserver · GitLab those are stubs, look like Analytics but empty.


Thanks for the explanation!

So there is nothing to worry about, these warnings are just useless and there is nothing to worry about because tracking is disabled?

Should I open an issue on the exodus side about those false positives?

No, the scanner can’t really detect that the classes/methods are dummy, just that they have the same name.

In the future, our scanner will ignore known stubs.

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Thanks for the explanation, would there not be a way to remove this dummy classes/methods? Because it just seems to bloat the app…

And again are the classes are dummy, can I imply there is no risk for the users in terms of tracking/privacy with Google Analytics?

The idea is that from the same codebase the dev can publish to both Play and F-Droid. The dummy classes are used only for F-Droid so the code just does nothing as opposed to crashing or even not being able to be built.

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All right, I think I understood :slight_smile: Thanks!

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