SiYuan some kind of mandatory license agreement in Chinese only


just tried SiYuan (A privacy-first, self-hosted knowledge management app)

After install and open it asks me to accept something written in Chinese script. Somewhat strange because the description and website apparently don’t have any problems with English.

Did anyone check this?

It’s a privacy policy about the cloud service only.

Ok… but

  • if I decline it the app immediately exits although 90% of functionality should still be available?
  • many users won’t understand Chinese so at least an English translation would be nice… otherwise the App description should be Chinese only as well.

Yep, you need to open an upstream issue.

All function except the sync function still works without an account.

I’ve added an annoyed post upstream

It’s not a EULA, it’s a privacy policy.

what’s the difference for an “offline-first” app?

It doesn’t require network to accept privacy policy.

If the accept/decline buttons can be in English, the text should be as well.

I guess they don’t have a good lawyer for the English version. :rofl:

The privacy policy is about the offline functionality, about the notes part? The app is open source, the ONLY thing I (as a user) need to agree with is THE LICENSE.

Anything on top should be dismissible, ignored. But … if I’m force to agree with something else… the app is no longer FOSS.

You can ignore it and then they can collect your information. The privacy policy is about what the dev can or can’t do. It’s not about what a user can or can’t do. If the user don’t want the dev to do something then they shouldn’t user the app. It’s annoyed that it’s displayed on start but I don’t think it’s a restriction upon the license.

that’s not how it works, imho

The privacy policy is about what the dev can or can’t do.

could be about anything, IF it blocks me from running the app if I don’t “give the correct answer” then it’s not FOSS

I feel it sounds like the “I’m 18 years old.” checkbox. :slight_smile:

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