Simple SMS Messenger - security question/issue

Hi guys,

overall happy F-Droid user here.

I’ve been using the Simple apps. line up from Tibor Kaputa, initially I was super happy with the overall lightweightness and design. But recently something very odd happened. I have 2 sim cards, each one is from a different country. Currently in the UK and all outgoing/incoming SMS texts from the UK # were fine. But when I used the sim from a different country on the same phone (dual sim) to text to another UK # the message always arrived from a completely unknown number, I’ve checked this by sending a text to myself and others. In one instance, when the other person replied to the number the message came from, the receiving party was just as confused. I’ve switched it back to Signal now and the whole problem is gone (using its unsecure sms messaging).

Has anyone else encountered this before? It was a totally first time for me, but I’m pretty worried now with this and with any other apps from the developer.

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes a look at this!

This is interesting. Well that should not happen. Are the messages from the same unknown number or is it changing all the time.

It changed every time I sent a text. But it was always a UK # (the unknown one).

That is indeed strange. My guess is that maybe it is due to some carrier configuration. Maybe you can try using app with one SIM only. See if it happens then. Or check the unknown number origin, see if it is the same carrier or a different one. Also open a post on reddit. Dev is active there.

Let us know if you figure it out.

It could be, but unsettling nevertheless. And will do, already copy/pasted it there so we’ll see how it goes!

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Alright, so a bit of an update, things aren’t looking too good, for some reason my post was flagged as spam…

Oh I was worried too that this is what must have happened as I was trying to search for your post but couldnt find it. They do that if your account is very recently made. You can try reposting or writing it differently so it doesnt get flagged again. Also you can try reaching to dev directly via email on his website. Keep us updated and good luck. :smile:

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