Simple Mobile Tool are becoming paid



Are Pro versions Free software? Can we build them?


According to the article:

New versions of the apps will be eventually published on f-droid too. They will technically be new apps there aswell, so you will have to download them again, not just somehow update.


Yeah yeah:

Also see the github answer


… and they are already on F-Droid:



No they’re not (yet)… those are named “XXX Pro” (and were already build), watch your next index update since you’ll need to uninstall the old ones and install the new


Sorry, yeah the search above doesn’t show them yet, but I already installed the new version of simple notes on my phone. Version 6.0.0 as predicted in the article in the first post


Update your repos… install the "XXX Pro " versions… gogogo

/PS: Draw is not building yet, feel free to suggest a fix:

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