Simple (K.I.S.S.) app that disable bluetooth after disconnect

Hi !
I was looking for an app that disables bluetooth after the device disconnects (or best after one minute), I found some on google play (com.solarwoodenrobot.autobluetooth ; com.handykim.nbit.everytimerfree ; com.mst.btautodisable) but where complicated or had ads or analytics…

Then I found this gitlab repository:
License seem to be Apache 2.0
Would it be possible to add it to the F-Droid repository ?

Thank you for your help (and @FDroid-Team for your work too)


Welcome to the forums!
It would appear that the app author is currently pursuing adding this app to F-Droid already, by the name of the last commit:

Oh great !
Thanks a lot, usually I check here for new apps in F-Droid ( I didn’t find it…
Hope it’ll come soon on the store !

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He must be a regular all star, because he forked F-Droid and entered it himself and made a merge request:

Edit: but it has been over a month. Wonder why no action?


Merged. Will be available on F-Droid in a few days.

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Available now:


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