Simple image editor

Hello Fellows F-Droiders
I have been using F-Droid for several years.I’m looking for a little graphic or image editor to be used with my students They are not having the newest cellphones exactly. I’ve also tried to use adosbox and freedos. adosbox opened and close in a blink and freedos
interface was really microscopic.

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Simple Gallery has an editor.


There is also Tux Paint.


You can also check out Pocket Paint.

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Searching in f-droid for “paint” or “draw” gives this result: : and

I use because it has the most features.

For anotating screenshots i like

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… after years of true emptiness , finally :

@relan : seems to be a heavy QT5 >100 MB build , guess it will appears soon in RFPs…

@MGL22 if you search for a lightweight minimal one (i.e. graphical basic) :


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