Simple Firefox-focus Style Browser?

I really like having all my tabs, cookies, cache, ect. wiped when I exit my browser.

I just recently migrated from IOS to LineageOS and was using Firefox Focus, a firefox-based browser focusing exclusively on providing a private single-tab web browser that would delete browser data when closed.

I’m aware Mull has “delete on exit” but it requires you to click the “quit” button when closing. I’m not terribly attached to single-tab browsers but I am also not against them.

What similar FLOSS browsers do you recommend?

I Was using Lightning browser but their delete-on-exit no longer functions

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How about always opening Firefox/Fennec in a private tab?

A “New private tab” shortcut can be placed on most launchers including LineageOS’ Trebuchet. Swipe away Firefox/Fennec in the recently used apps list and all tabs, cookies, cache, etc. are deleted (assuming only private tabs were used).


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In Mull, Private tabs say “Mull clears your search and browsing history when you close them OR quit the app”. So you can close all tabs and move on. No extra step required.

You might take a look at Privacy Browser. By default, it deletes cookies, DOM storage, and the WebView’s cache every time the last tab is closed.

I am Privacy Browser’s developer. There is a website that explains the core privacy principles. I would be happy to answer any questions about how it works.

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