Simple dialer not behaving like Stock dialer

I noticed that when an call arrives the screen not turn on itself.
Also the call not showed as a floating notification which do not closes until the call ends. But simple dialer just not showing notification or if showed it suddenly disappears.

Any solution for this ?

Device? Android version?

Simple dialer has an option to disable the proximity sensor during calls, maybe it’s on in your case.

This is actually exactly the reason why I use it, because my proximity sensor is broken and it became impossible to use the stock dialer

Anyhow in general it doesn’t aim to be identical to the stock dialer…

Redmi Note 8, android version 11

Actually i need to wake up my screen when an call arrives. There is no relation for this issue with proximity censors.

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I dont need to be it identical. But just answer me when an call arrives and the screen is off, there is no option to attend the call. Then why should we use a disler at first place ?

any other dialer works?

Yeah. Google dialer and truecaller, stock dialer.
(Am not a user of privacy invading and non-foss apps. Just used those apps before getting the knowledge about foss apps. Am writing here about that apps from my previous experience, not present). Those dialers was perfectly working.

Great, now, do other FOSS dialers work?

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Check these settings enabled in Simple Dialer App

Go to Simple Dialer App info Settings

Click Other Permissions

Show on lock screen & Open new windows will running in background.

If disabled, enable and check it.

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Sorry, dumb me had read “not turn off” :person_facepalming:

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Koler is working. I don’t like emerald dialer ui.

Ok i will check. Yeah bro its working. Thank you for providing the solution. And also thank you everyone who help me.

Try Fossify Phone

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note that the website will be updated a bit later…

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Yes, currently in F-Droid App Updated,
In website shows 404 page not found error

How much hours it will take update in website?

No idea, it has to generate pages for all the locales

Yeah, sure.

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