Simple Calendar Pro Deleted All Entries

I turned on my phone this morning and discovered that all of my entries in Simple Calendar had been deleted. That’s over eight months of past and future appointments that were wiped out! No more using this calendar. I’ll go to Play Store and try to find something that is safe and reliable.

I’m very sorry that this happened to you, but F-Droid is most probably not involved at all. It would be better to report this problem in the bug tracker of the developer of Simple Calendar: Issues · SimpleMobileTools/Simple-Calendar · GitHub


Always make backups!

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For information: I use Simple Calendar Pro and all entries are intact, so the problem is not inherent to the application.

That is a good idea - if github was working properly. I can not log on with what I believe is my email/userid/password combination. Nor will it let me create a new email/userid/password combination.

Just one point. How does any app from play differ? It can happen with any app. Moreover, did you even check why everything went blank for you? Criticizing and moving away does not help unless the reason really is that.
Also, always have backups. That is one golden rule.

Glad yours are fine. Mine were also - over six months until today!

That does not sound right at all. Again, this is not something that cannot be resolved. Ask someone to create an issue for you, with your logs. That way the developer can look into it.
@tibbi maybe can help here himself. He is the developer.

Yes…you’re right. play’s calendars may not be any better - and probably aren’t. I wasn’t criticizing F-Droid as a repository, just this calendar.
As for backups, my backup is my Outlook calendar. I can’t carry around my computer so I enter calendar appointments during the day on the cell phone, then add them to Outlook at night. So I have most of what was on the cell phone. But it’s a pain to have to re-enter it all on the phone again. I downloaded a different calendar program (Etar) to the phone and will try using that one.

By the way, if you know of a reliable cell-phone-to computer backup software (and restore computer-to-cell phone) that would include calendar and contacts I’d appreciate your telling me.

Until other people also report calendar data disappearing from the application, it seems more likely at the moment there is a problem with your phone or you have inadvertently done something that deleted or obscured the data yourself. It’s surely no coincidence that you also can not access Github. Have you by any chance installed a new application recently, or changed permissions for Calendar?

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I have just read in another topic that are short of memory in your phone. Could that be the reason for the calendar problem?

Etar works fine. Been using it for almost 2 years I think.
Try Calendar Import-Export | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository app for backup once.
But suggest using a DavX application to sync to your server if you have.

Plus I too believe as @cliffcoggin just mentioned, did you install something bad/malicious in error? Or did you lose out on your app permissions or deleted app data in error?

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Not always unless his calendar entries take up that much space. I checked my stuff, hardly 30MB for 8+ months of data.

Haven’t installed anything for a while (except for the ETAR calendar which I just did).
That would be pretty bad if that calendar had a not obvious “erase everything” button that could be accidentally hit.
As for github, they have a problem in their “test” for making an account. They are not a financial institution that needs super security - but they require 2 or 3 “tests”. And Their turn the animal in “the direction of the hand” actually means the exact opposite; if you “fail it” it says to try again to turn it at the “same angle” as the hand is turned. Which is the opposite of “in the direction of the hand”, which means “point TO the hand” They seem to have trouble with simple English directions.

Bummer that you had a problem, just want to give a shout out for the app and developer, I’ve been using simple calendar for years, never had an issue.

I do use DavX backup, previously to my email, now to my own NextCloud server. Most emails have a Calendar that you can sync to, which you might want to consider in general.

Also, you asked about backup options, there are many, if you run a nextcloud server, you can use that, there are several ftp backup apps, which I’ve used before, too.

Sync Tool is a bit old, but I’ve used it for automatic syncing: SyncTool | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

if you can’t give up using outlook, just use the 365 version with an M$ account, you won’t need anymore to type in twice your entrie.
Also, simple calendar has an export feature to backup… or use Titanum or other.

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