Simple app to get the versionName of a APK file?

Do you know a simple GUI app to get the versionName/versionCode of a APK file (like for Windows)?

Or a file explorer that has this feature?

I took a look at OpenAPK and Checkey but they only seem to scan already installed apps while I want to analyze a bunch of APK files not installed.

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1 Like is what you’re looking for: moreover, when parsing an apk file (=not installed), it allows you to detect all installed packages with same signature certificate (@xgouchet uses sha1 certificate instead sha256 algorithm as showed in F-Droid index-v1).

@Ildar com.oF2pks.applicationsinfo only works on (all) installed packages and doesn’t use any permissions storage; but twin ClassyShark3xodus does and uses same file access as Stanley.

I now have a working version with signatures, shasum256 & manifest checking on apk files through ClassyShark3xodus: moreover the app will allow understandable browsing of any *.xml file via regular file browsers : wip

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