Signal in F-Droid

As far as I understood Signal is opensource but it is not present in f-droid. I remember reading in the forum that the app devs didn’t agree with distributing the app outside the google play. As 2018, is there any update on this? Will we ever see Signal in f-droid?


There likely won’t ever be builds made by F-Droid.

And for verification, F-Droid has reproducible builds, Signal has reproducible builds, just that they’re not compatible.

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You could ask them if they changed their attitude, but I think it is very unlikely.

About a year ago they stop solely relaying on GCM and also use WebSocket.

I don’t see LibreSignal available on Eutopia’s F-Droid repository.

Notice that they have the APK available on their website.

For the record, Copperhead repo has a rebrand called Noise available

YES! that’s good news. Every rebrand will make a favor to Signal (what a dumb name!)

Remember: the non inclusion of Signal on our repository it’s just a personal decision of the main developer.

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I’m deleting my post above & reposting below, b/c a few things have changed & even slightly improved in the 5½ years since the original.

N.B.: I apologize in advance for excessive 1-Boxing, but this looks to be a touchy subject that I don’t want to misquote, but also don’t want misunderstood due to TLDR.

So, according to


what you’re looking for, officially, is

I think it’s that complicated to find 'cuz of

But, unofficially, the following work fine, & have independent F-droid repos to manage updates:

1. Signal-Foss


why link to Silence?

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B/c, afaict, it’s the only app in the main F-droid repo that has any derivation from Signal’s codebase. I’d be happy to be proven wrong.

For the purposes of this thread, alternatives to Signal interop aren’t what’s asked for. That’s over here in

Btw, could I ask someone w/ sufficient powers to remove the “in 2018” portion of this thread’s title? TIA! :man_bowing:t5:

XMPP OMEMO (Conversations&forks, aTalk, StorkIM, etc) is based on Signals Double Ratchet thing too, like Silence… so? This thread is not about apps that DON’T connect to Signal network.

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