Sideloading restrictions or removal in future, how it effects fdroid?

recently there is rumour or fact about sideloading
apps in android 14. google is making mandatory
of minimum api or os version for all apps on
google play store [ gps ] and perhaps it will give
toast message [ warning ] initially and in
future it might altogether deny installation. perhaps, android is taking
route of apple (my assumption: we cannot install
from third party sources).

i am not expert or have sufficient knowledge on
this issue. i am more worried about google
restrictions. my favourite 2 apps are struck:
webapps [ devs simply stated its not worth to
switch language ] and termux [ restrictions on
executables ].

if i am correct, android now permits other than
gps for installation of apps.

now my concerns:

  • how does this effect apps installed by fdroid?
  • does google will deny installation if minimum
    api or os version is not met?
  • it will enforce restrictions similar to gps?

jindam, vani


Are there any plans to add an anti-feature for apps with a low target sdk version?

Malware often targets older API levels in order to bypass security and privacy protections that have been introduced in newer Android versions. For example, some malware apps use a targetSdkVersion of 22 to avoid being subjected to the runtime permission model introduced in 2015 by Android 6.0 Marshmallow (API level 23).

From Behavior changes: all apps  |  Android Developers

If an app hasn’t been migrated in 8 years, it probably doesn’t receive any security updates.

If an app hasn’t been migrated in 8 years, it probably doesn’t receive any security updates.

I don’t think that’s true. The F-droid client itself is still regularly updated, but it still targets Android 7.

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1.19 will filter out incompatible apps afaik, so those under targetsdk 23 for Android 14 or so.