Show only apps from custom repo in F-Droid client

I created a custom repository, added it to F-Droid client and disabled all other repositories. So I imagined to view only the apps from my repo in the app list (Latest/Categories)… Instead I still see apps from other repos.
Is showing apps only from enabled custom repository not possible?

Did you update the f-droid app list by swiping down?

As darhma said, right now you need to manually refresh after changing the repos. Work is being made on making this be more instant.

Yes, I did. But all apps was still there. Also with F-Droid kill and restart.
Then I casually changed the system language (from Italian to English), and now it magically show only my repo apps…
I wonder if there is some official “invalidate apps cache and reboot” procedure, without forcing it with language change.

As I said, i tried refreshing lists more times by swiping down (appearing the “refreshing…” message on top), but it didn’t work. Probably there’s an issue in some circumstances

F-Droid Client 1.15.2? Device? Android version?

Toggling a repo should make it disappear/refresh, but if you toggle on/off several times it might get confused.

Another thing I like better about F-Droid Classic: It has a pulldown to select or filter to show apps only one repo.

I’t not a phone but a a printing POS terminal with Android 7.1.2, using F-Droid client 1.15.2

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