Should this be translated?

Everything on Weblate is there because there is some value to translating them. Of course, some things are a lot more important than others. I think the tutorials are worth translating, they are useful and rarely change.

I mean, it seems not reanslatable. Maybe it’s an error? It’s the first step in . Only first and second step is changed to such strings.

Download and install the F-Droid app on your Android device..add_repo.open_repo_link.steps.step_1

It’s out of all reason that the original strings were replaced by the context strings here. I also guess that this wasn’t intended. So @hans please have a look at it on Weblate!

Oh, I see now. That’s strange. I’m guessing that’s a bug in Weblate, since the source string in git doesn’t show that:

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