Should externally available (and partially non-free) resources result an anti-feature?


I have one question: I do have one of my applications that requires an externally provided resources (the application itself does NOT has any resources at the repository and resulted builds are FLOSS, all dependencies [except of Android SDK and NDK] are FOSS and built from the source code in a place). However, to play the game, need to separately download a pack of resources, but, currently available resources packs are partially non-free and there are works to provide a fully libre alternative resource pack for that game engine.

Anyway, application itself does NOT downloads any stuff at all, it doesn’t ever use network yet (however, there are plans to implement a support of netplay using self-running/self-hosting servers in the future). Resource packages for the game should be downloaded by user from the official site of the project. User can download multiple of them and play each “game” (one individual directory of the resource package) independently using the same application.

So, I have a question, should I add the “non-free resources” anti-feature in this case?

NonFreeAdd for the non-free data :slight_smile:

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