Sharik anti-functions


I wish to install Sharik, however it says on F-droid that it has anti-functions, it says Sharik follows your activity…

What does it mean? Is it safe to use?

Thank you.

Read Privacy concerns · Issue #114 · marchellodev/sharik · GitHub

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There is a disable tracking toggle, which i believe stops all that calling out and google font retrieval.

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Thank you. So I would prefer not using this app. Are you aware of any other app doing the same thing, files sharing…?

For sharing in the local network, check e.g. Warpinator. Even supports PCs (Warpinator e.g. ships with Linux Mint). Other alternatives can be found in my corresponding app listing: Filetransfer (watch out for the F-Droid (and optionally IzzyOnDroid) icons).

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