Share my pc resources for f-droid

Is there a way to share f-droid build server runned on my pc to speed up f-droid package building. Like debian own auto-builder node?


You want to speed up the whole cycle right? Or just one app ?

Remember that the cycle has more steps, the build “power” is not the bottle neck: NewPipe update request

One thing that would be very helpful is to help run the buildservers for gitlab-ci. We have it working on an alpha level, but it was still too flaky for production use.

I want to speed up the whole cycle, but if it’s impossible or has no reason just several apps that I use. (I’m talking not only about orgzly and I’m not an orgzly author.)

Could you share details about?

So what is “the” bottle neck?

Well it’s a bottlenck, but the check updates part & the offline signing look (to me) to take a lot of time too.

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The bottlenecks are mostly human time. We need developers to dig in and
fix reliability issues so that the build process does not require manual

Another thing that helps is making buildserver instances available for
testing, so that the build is known to be working before the release
builders try it. Failed builds actually take up quite a big chunk of time.


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