Setting F-droid client to faster server download - South Pacific

New to Fdroid.
Already downloaded several Apps. wondefing why some rather small Apps like “Simple SMS” (7.7MiB) take forever to download (several minutes), although I am using Fiber/Wifi and sole user on the network.

Is there anyway to select a Download Server closer to my homeplace or just less busy ?
Terii, Tahiti

If you go into F-Droid > Settings > Repositories > F-Droid you can check and uncheck which mirrors to select.

Here are current rough locations: Germany Germany France France Sweden United States Netherlands Germany Cloudflare United States? Canada Germany China China Germany Spain United States Denmark

See for the full repository URLs.


Thanks, I deactivated 4 out of 5, the last one being closer it seems,
(though, nothing on the USA West cost where we can reach the best latency)
Thanks again will see how it works !!!

PS: not sure if one can ADD more, I only have 5 in, my predefined list.

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