ServeStream problem/recommended uninstall?

Running the F-Droid app today, I saw a message in the Updates section stating that there was an issue with the ServeStream app and a recommendation to uninstall it. Since the app hasn’t been updated in four years, and I haven’t been using it, I went ahead and removed the app.

After uninstalling, I realized that I’d seen no explanation of what the problem was. I’ve searched the F-Droid forums and elsewhere, and haven’t come across any posts or web pages suggesting a problem with the app (four years without updates isn’t necessarily a problem). I don’t normally uninstall without knowing why I’m doing so , but this time, I did so, rather than check the details.

I’m simply, belatedly, asking if anyone else has seen a message on the F-Droid website or in the app. Does anyone know of problem(s) with ServeStream, and what they are? Any info would be appreciated. Sorry for not having paid attention first time around, and thanks for any replies.

Yeah, there definitely should be more info available there. That uninstall prompt is based on Anti-Features, so looking at the Anti-Features for that app will give a little more info. Those are visible where it says “this may have features that you don’t like”.

Ok, strange, this looks like a false positive, since I can’t see any anti-features on that app. Can you provide more info to help solve this problem?

Hello, Hans, and thank you. I meant to reply sooner. The anti-features listed for ServeStream are KnownVuln and DisabledAlgorithm. Many apps on F-Droid are flagged with both, but I’m not clear about their definitions or effect on individual apps.

It would help me (and others, I’m sure) to have a reference guide to explain such things. For example: 1) What anti-features are, exactly; 2) Definitions of specific anti-features, and 3) Their affect on apps. For example, I’m thoroughly unclear about Disabled Algorithms and how it affects apps. I’ve searched for such a guide, but might’ve missed it.

I want to learn more about the concept, whether on F-Droid or on another web page, but don’t know where to start. As a disabled person, in particular, I like to know more about what/whom I’m dealing with. F-Droid is, I believe, trustworthy, especially when compared with Google Ploy… er, Play and the Amazon Appstore. Sometimes, I don’t mind paying for an app (TuneIn Pro, to listen to Major League Baseball broadcasts), but feel safer with F-Droid than with Google Play, or Google Any-bloody-thing (which I’m sure will be a Google site any day now).

I hope this wasn’t overly long or confusing. Again, thanks for your responses – getting an answer from Google about anything, after all, is either wishful thinking or a major accomplishment. Best wishes.

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