Serious privacy bug on Fennec - does not delete history on exit

Hi, not sure if this is the right place, but I have to report a serious bug on Fennec (based on FF 64.0.2, installed via F-Droid on a LineageOS 14.1 device without Google services)

Fennec does not delete website data, even with the relevant options enabled.

More in detail: “clear data on exit” is enabled, all the relevant boxes therein are marked except “Downloads” and “Saved Logins”. In “Advanced”, “Restore tabs” is set to “Don’t restore tabs after quitting Fennec”. “Do Not Track” and “Tracking Protection” always enabled.

Problem: search engines such as Google keep the search history, even after I “quit” the Fennec app (and, no, of course I am not logged into Google, I don’t even have a Google account).

Only if I delete the local data of Fennec the search history is deleted, but of course this also removes bookmarks, saved logins, plugins etc.

Isn’t this VERY serious?

I apologize if this is not the right place to report this.

These two contradict themselves, you mean that Firefox keeps search history…not Google, right?

Yes, I can confirm, you need to press “Clean private data” in Fennec->Settings, you don’t have to clean all app data and lose bookmarks.

Did you report this upstream?

Yes, I mean that probably Fennec keeps cookies or similar data, which in turn allow Google to keep track of history.

If I manually delete the app data (by LineageOS’s settings) then Google forgets the history.

Fennec->Setting->Clear Private Data returns “some private data could not be cleaned”. However, quitting the app at that point deletes Google history too. Bad, this means that a manual action is required every time.

I opened a report on Bugzilla. Does this affect others too?

No, it fails to delete searches and/or history…read my post again…clear data from within Firefox…it works…

Link to the bug report?

Oh, I see, got it. Still bad :smiley:

It does work for me. Switching to google search engine, doing some searches, activating clear history and search history, quitting fennec, reopening, search history is gone.

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