Security risks of Fennec and Mull browsers

Security risks of Fennec and Mull browsers.
Both browsers (Fennec And Mull) do not have the ability to change the User agent.

It is also not possible to download webpages as pdf files too

User Agent has nothing to do with security.
And Mull already has a hardcoded unified User-Agent across all devices.


A user agent can be used to identify someone and it happens all the time!.

So million of users are identified as Firefox 102? Mmmkay, so?

You do know that even if you change the useragent, all the other stuff (supported codecs, fonts, canvas, HTML spec level, etc) will fingerprint you anyway?

Ever saw or that Panopticon EFF site?

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Customizable them, all of them!.

The Right to Anonymity The Supreme Court has repeatedly affirmed that a right to anonymity lies in the First Amendment.

So you are even more unique? wat?


Browser fingerprinting uses scripts to track your activity across multiple websites.

Yes, we are lost in translation? :slight_smile:

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