Security concerns about older apps on this site

Hi all,

I have downloaded and installed an old browser from fdroid because I want to move away from the propriety browser I am using now.
I am using

Which I liked but since this is an old browser I am concerned about to security issues.
Can anyone advice if I should quit or keep using this browser.
Thank you.

That is a WebView browser, so it depends on your system WebView being up to date.

If you’re on stock/OEM Android, you’re using the proprietary Google Chrome for your WebView provider and you must be sure Play Store is updating it.
If you’re on an aftermarket system you’re using some Chromium fork, I track updates here:

I strongly recommend against using WebView browsers as they have severe limitations, please see my comparison table here: Browsers - DivestOS Mobile


Thank you for your answer and the extra information that you provided.
It not only solved my issue but also gave me a deeper understanding of what my issue really is.
Thanks again.

Same with Lightning Browser. I use that, and that too is webview based, so I am fine there. This is FYI only.: -)

Be cautious with older WebView-based browsers on F-Droid; security relies on your system WebView being updated.

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