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Hello F-Droid Community,

my question is from area Phone Security,

What set of Apps are you using to perform best?
What would be your perfect setup.

Let me learn something from you

I used to use NetGuard - couldnt complain
recently i found Bitmask, VPN,
however i cannot use both…

Is it possible to have NetGuard firewall while using this VPN?
There is a interesting app called PilferShush Jammer, but it turn off by it self annoyingly ofter.

Many Thanks !

nope, one VPN only

I think you should turn off “Battery Optimization” for the app to keep it running in the background. Active mode may drain the battery, passive mode is fine but may not be as reliable or effective.

I would recommend having NetGuard in deny mode by default, and then activate what you want.

In terms of security there is not much you can do as a user (I think), Android is already secure by default (app isolation, Selinux, untouchable system folders…) The only thing that can be advised would be personal habits such as avoiding public WiFi, avoiding the installation of pirated or modified apps, and perhaps installing NoScript addon in Fennec if you browse suspicious web pages.

In terms of privacy, this is another matter and often requires sacrificing convenience or even security.

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