Secure DNS on Chrome/Chromium browsers?

Hi F-Droid forum,

When using the system-wide Private DNS (DNS over TLS) feature on an Android device, with a public DNS resolver, and using Chrome/Chromium as web browser should I also activate the “Secure DNS” feature that Chrome/Chromium browser provides?

Should I set it to “use my current service provider” “Choose another provider” “Automatic” or just toggle it off altogether within the Browser?
This is something confusing, what’s the proper way?

Thank you Guys

You should use it, but set it to the same host as you did the system Private DNS.
I recommend Quad9 and DNS0.

They both do the same thing, but browsers like Chrome and Firefox won’t use Encrypted Client Hello (ECH) without their own resolver doing the lookup.

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@SkewedZeppelin Thank you for explaining this to me. Much appreciated.