Searching for my app (TKCompanionApp) build artifacts

Hi all,
my TKCompanionApp is happily available on F-Droid and automagically updated at each tag.

Is it somehow possible to download the built APKs to put them also available on Github?



All the APK files are listed on TKCompanionApp | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository. You could grab those and re-upload those onto your GitHub.

The filenames are in a consistent patterns based on the version code. For example, version code 200 is You can update the 200 in that URL for other version codes to get that version.

Yes, saw them, thanks.
But there are only the latest the versions, can’t find the oldest.
Even changing the file name in the link, to the oldest version codes, it seems I can’t reach them.

Old versions will be in the archive under URLs like this:

Izzy’s repo browser can help you there: TKCompanionApp - F-Droid Archive Repository

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Weird I was not able to find those. Probably company firewall or VPN.



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