Searching for app showing object distance on direction

Many year ago I used an app from F-Droid, which showed on the dispay, how far a location is, for which there was a wikipedia article. It worked similar to Sky Map from F-Droid, but on the earth:) I cannot find this app anymore. Could you help me?

Not sure about the exact one you refer to (with a Wikipedia article) – but your description of what the app shall do is matched by e.g. Luftlinie. This app simply shows an arrow pointing in the direction of your goal and states how far away it would be if you could “fly straight to it like a bird”.

If it’s a location you’ve marked before when you’ve been there, GetBack GPS works similarly.

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Show me hills has some similarity.

Mixare (Unknown application) also comes to mind

Thank you for the answers! But my app was different. I am not sure, but I remember, that the name of the app was mixare. But mixare is a different app now.

I found it: mixare | Free Open Source Augmented Reality Engine

But why it is not in F-Droid anymore?

Maybe because it’s like ten years old.

mixare / mixare · GitLab

If you enable F-Droid Archive repo in the client, it will show up.
What are the chances it will still work in modern Android.


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