Search engines not based in surveillance companies

I am trying to find a serach engine that are not based in surveillance companies, and I find out that is almost imposible.
duckduckgo is based in BING
startpage in Google
qwants gets form everyones like searchx…and so on
I just know that is kind of different and gigablast. But I am not sure in what they are based.

Is it true that is not anyone there trying to create a powerful search engine that is not based in surveillance?

There are very few unuiqe search engines form the ground up but they do exist.

One big one is searx an open source search engine, that you can make your own instance of and you would always know what is going on through it, you can even control the algorithym yourself.

Mata Gears is another, but it keeps logs for a short time.

now if you want a real independant search engine, theres mojeek, with it’s own web crawler and more.

Brave has there search engine as well.

lastly theres this new search called, not much to say about it but it seems unuiqe in style.

You’l have to do some digging online and find out which one works for you.

Being based in something doesn’t automatically make something surveillance, for a said company.
But I would probally look into the privacy policy of your favorate search engine, because they legally cannot lie about their practices there.

For instance on duckduckgo, they don’t collect your ip address but they do store your search queries, based on their privacy policy.


Though not specifically an answer to your question, a resource I use is Good info about a lot of search engines; country jurisdiction, security level, logging, filtering,

It also says, “For more comparisons between Searx instances, please visit”

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isnt that searx get the results from google, bing and so on?

I dont mean just surveillance, but I means that they use the results from them

I can see that Duckduckgo is doing contracts with Microsoft for usings their results services, that swisscows uses duckduckgo results that at the same time is BING, so my questionis , why is that duckduckgo, in this case , is not creating their unik search engine?

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Searx technically speaking, you could set it up to use bing results, and so on even Google, but the difference is you can go in and decide what results are prioritized in the results in the settings within Searx that might be what you are looking for. I’d suggest you try searx, or someones instance of it and go in the settings and configure it. You can even say, don’t give me any of Googles results if you really wanted to it doesn’t speciifcally relie on any search engine, because it’s really up to you to decide what it is doing for you personally.

Also Searx is open source so again, there no profit to be made from it so it’s more trusting then say Google, or bing for privacy and security.

I can’t answer why duckduckgo does what they do, I haven’t used that search engine of late, it use to be my defualt for the last few years but I recently started hopping around again myself. Perhaps it’s because they know that it would be expensive to make a search engine as big as Google or bing, so they probally said, lets save a bit of money (so they could make more of it) and use an already astablished engine. Not saying that’s true, that would be my guess though, but it’s not officially confirmed that that’s why they don’t make their own.


In attempting to answer that question myself, I ended up using Mojeek. They run their own crawler and do not depend on any of the other major search engines for their results (however, their image results do come from Pixabay). The details of how I came to that conclusion are available at There is also a bit of background at


Then theres the question of, are this independent search engines nearly as usable as bigger (or search engines based on bigger) search engines.

Where do you draw the line? (for each person it will differ) Start 100℅ fresh, go half way and use a search engine based on a big search engine or just use a big search engine.


Mojeek is OK, but it throws errors too often (using Tor). I favor a round robin or random rotation to different search sites, but haven’t seen an automatic way. So I do it manually. Bottom line though, I prefer links from “good” websites.