ScreenCam Screen Recorder 2.0.3 please update to (3.0.1)

ScreenCam Screen Recorder 2.0.3 please update to (3.0.1)
please update and remove ads and internet access from the app

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That’s not up to us… feel free to fork the app, give it a new name, new icon, new appid, and remove whatever you want

I’m just a user

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please update this app

Aren’t we all? :slight_smile:

I don’t see any updates:

But there’s a new branch so maybe we’ll try to build that:

Latest Play version is still 2.0.3 too:

Branch 3.X.X builds fine but not sure we’d rather publish it before upstream decides to

@Izzy Thoughts?

Upstream might have reasons why they still didn’t declare v3 the “main branch”. Especially the fact that they didn’t deploy any v3 to Play Store either would make me cautious here: what if it’s still alpha stage, unstable, giving a bad UX? Do we want users to fall into such a trap? If @FreeOpenSource feels the version number that important, I’d suggest they go to the apps issue tracker and clarify there first (uh, looks like Licaon_Kter already did that) .

Further, Metadata are set up to track tags – and I see no reason changing that just because there’s a branch with “newer code”. Especially given what I just wrote.

TL;DR: @FreeOpenSource please clarify with upstream first.

PS: another show stopper might be their v3 gradle uses versionNameSuffix ' - fdroid' – to my knowledge, we don’t support versionNameSuffix (or did that change, @Licaon_Kter?)

For autoupdates it’s problematic, but it worked so far? Dunno, well see when upstream declares stable…

It worked so far because they tagged – and it will work again as soon as they tag again, thus declaring new builds stable. Before that, we shouldn’t intervene.

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